Monday, January 5, 2009

I'd Like One Medium Cow Please.

Because mama can eat like nobody's business.

I'd like to resume my normal eating habits, but it's safe to say that ain't gonna happen while nursing this 8 month old chunk. Each morning I wake with the best of intentions to eat healthy and resonable portions, ask for help from the Lord above for this simple request, and then my feet touch the floor and it's all over. I immediately start salivating for junk, and lots of it. I ate pistachio cookies for breakfast 3 days in a row. As I type I can hear the Santa Claus Snickers calling my name from downstairs. An Oreo shake from anywhere would do me good right about now. But it's not just junk that I want. I ate a Garden Turkey Wrap as big as my face the other day and still wanted more food. Most of the time I can't chocolate cookies keep kettle corn a straight thought Coke.

See what I mean? Moo...


Monica H said...

I'm absolutely no help in this caregory, because now I'm looking for a Sandella's near me so I can eat a wrap as big as my face!

Sophia said...

You're so funny! You must need the food b/c normally you are so disciplined~!